ANALOG MANIA – the mania of the soul

The trip through the flat and dark fields toward the serbian-romanian border while we were traveling to Analog Mania Festival opened a new perspective on certain things. A beautiful day, blue skies. We stopped the car, stepped out, we could not absorb enough of this beautiful, vast landscape.IMG_8617

Analog Mania 2015 happened the 3rd time. We must admit it was not very known to us so going to Timisoara was an open, unexplored field. Maybe that is the biggest reason a small transformation happened in us, we had no expectations, we were totaly open to anything. And usualy these kind of states of mind and spirit are best – simple truth, a simple experience changes you in the best possible way.

Most of us that feel that the analog world is the only alive and truthful world have mixed feelings about todays digital world that is causing a big detachment among people, even though this is an ironic statement. You feel it but you can’t point a finger at it. Like everything today is plastic, cold and without the warmth of a soul. It is not just about photography it is about the way we live, the kind of quality in life that we search for, the organic, alive world full of soul. How much do we truly contribute to this kind of world, the true world? In what way? Do we know what these words actualy mean?

Analog Mania 2015 was led by its creator, a charismatic man Emil Kindlein, also a native in Timisoara. His broad intelect and cinic smile made us think many times, but also showed us the core of what it is all about and ofcourse, with what he does he realy contributes a lot as a single man nurturing the analog values and he is certainly alive and active.

Emil Kindlein, the creator and organizer of Analog Mania

We were 5 exibitors at the beautiful renewed Bastionul Maria Therezia with fantastic architecture and energy and for the most of it, the concept of authors presenting their work also with their presence for 6 days makes this more of a movement then a festival.  And it’s an Analog Mania movement, surely we were where we belong. 🙂

The whole experience during our stay in Timisoara was wrapped around communication. Our basic tool. The mind and heart expand while you »surf« the fields of others, their creative work, when you see the passion in their eyes, feel it…it does open new perspective. While debating about this and many other things, drinking coffe in cloudy romanian student caffes, we were privileged to walk through intimate experiences of Sergio Grispello and Ana Tornel that were also the guests and exhibitors at the festival. While discussing many things – ofcourse photography, life, living in Spain, in Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, in France, everyday life, work, money, the 21st century… we have concluded that today the most important thing in the art and photography world is the need to redefine the concepts. Whath is what? Who is who? Everything is upside down and mixed. So, our conclusion regarding the need for redefinition of art and photography concepts is the understanding that in digital photography you always get just a copy. And that is the biggest difference from analog photography. Anytime you use an analog output you get an original, never a copy. And that is an important fact! In the terms of presenting, exhibiting and understanding the difference between analog and digital photography and the value of each. And the presence of the author during the whole festival opens an oportunity to understand the art of analog photography. And only then can you value it not just as an image but also as an object.

At the opening – on the walls wet plate collodion photos of Miša Keskenović

Money, art, expression, life, artist, sales, globalisation, technology, galleries, proffesionalism, amateurism, curators, festivals, submissions, internet…ego. What are we talking about these days, what are our concerns? And again, what do we do about it? So many questions, no answers, just the world spinning faster and faster. So we must work at least with what we have. And that is all you can do. Analog mania was not about profit, nor ego, nor importance…it was and is about the people who work as artists, photographers, who are humble in their achivements, who have no other goal other then being authentic, creative and continuing their paths no matter the end result.

Analog Mania and it’s people inspired us, confirmed our intentions, our focus. All the openings of exhibitions went good, every day people gathered to exchange what they feel. Every day gave a new dimension of understanding. Ofcourse it is not about money, or prestige, or being important, or special. Who cares about such superficial stuff! Artists in photography we call upon you to save the art world of photography! Stop saying yes when you mean no, stop supporting the things that destroy art, stop making money for the sake of money and the last thing…. stop valueing the art world through money! Ofcourse we know the world we live in. Digital is addictive. But we are the creators of it, so our actions are of most importance. Analog Mania is not the biggest or the richest festival in the world with the famous names and big marketing…but what the festival is doing is nurturing the values that are are no longer important for most of the people in 21st century… but they are important for one thing – the existance of the real human being. So we continue and we are not stopping.

Thank you Emil, Ana, Sergio, Damian and all the others from the Analog mania for all your efforts, for being alive, organic, soulexpanding, analog people that live their truth no matter how big the check is. 🙂

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